Steelco offers the Class B Tabletop Autoclave:

  • Steelco TTA 18 and TTA 23 Class B autoclaves are certified and built to conform with EN 13060
  • Suitable for the sterilization of solid and hollow wrapped or unwrapped instruments or porous loads with fast efficient cycles to meet the everyday needs of your dental or medical clinic
  • Intuitive to use control system and menu with easy to read screen, providing you the information you need as well as advising when service is required
  • Designed to fit into your facility
  • Steelco’s TTA 18 and TTA 23 models are configured for either steam generation in the chamber or externally inside the autoclave
  • A wide choice of accessories are available for the loading of trays, wrapped goods and pouches
  • Can be connected to mains water supply or operated as a stand-alone unit with manual water filling

The range includes:

  • 18 litre
  • 23 litre

Download Tabletop Autoclave Brochure

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