SLE has set the new standard in nasal CPAP therapy in neonatology with its SLE1000.
It is the first device worldwide combining nCPAP, ApneaCPAP, NIPPV, SNIPPV and nasal highfrequency ventilation - performing all demands of current noninvasive respiratory support on the NICU. It offers comprehensive support modes, usability and innovation.

Medin are innovators in the neonatal market. Their products include:

  • Medin CNO
  • MedinCNO mini
  • Medin SINDI

Neonatal nCPAP Consumables:

  • nCPAP Active/ Variable flow generator
  • nCPAP Masks
  • nCPAP Nasal Prongs
  • nCPAP Bonnets - Disposable
  • nCPAP Fixation pillow
  • Bubble CPAP system
  • High Flow Oxygen nasal canula