Intraoperative monitoring System MEE-2000 Neuromaster

Dedicated to intraoperative monitoring - Flexible and multi-modality monitoring is available, including SEP/efferent pathway, tcMEP/efferent pathway, ABR/auditory nerve function, facial nerve mapping and spontaneous EMG.

The Operating Room is a fast-paced, stressful environment with unpredictable and diverse patient demographics. Compromising intraoperative monitoring care is not an option. For the first time, the new 32-channel MEE-2000 Neuromaster will give clinicians the confidence that they have the right tools to accommodate each individual patient, every time. With its unique TcMEPro™ matrix stimulator design, patient-specific protocols can be created on the fly by tailoring parameters, such as duration, ISI and train length. In addition, the system’s daisy-chained quickconnect stimulators simplify cable management while increasing safety and efficiency. All standards you have come to expect and trust from Nihon Kohden.

Download: Intraoperative monitoring MEE-2000 Neuromaster