Intelligent Ventilation solution from ICU to MRI
HAMILTON-MR1 ventilators feature a compact, powerful design that increase the availability of appropriate modes of therapy for ventilated hospital patients requiring MR imaging.

Safety in the MRI environment

In the MRI environment, where strong magnetic fields bear danger for the patient and the operator, safety is a priority. With the effectively shielded, MRI compatible HAMILTON-MR1 ventilator, ventilation performance and MR image quality is guaranteed throughout the procedure. The integrated gaussmeter, TeslaSpy, makes the invisible magnetic field visible to you and helps you position the device safely.

Reliability and performance

HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilators combine reliability and high performance with advanced lung protective strategies and patient-adaptive modes. They are the ideal choice for ICU special care areas, cardiac surgery recovery rooms, step-down or subacute care units, transporting their patients to the MRI-department on a regular basis. In these cases, the HAMILTON-MR1 guarantees uncompromised continuous ventilation care from the ICU to the MRI and back. Alternatively, the HAMILTON-MR1 can be used as a MRI proprietary ventilator, waiting in the MRI-department for the patient and delivering the finest ventilation performance during the MRI procedure.

Efficiency through innovation

Positioning a medical device too close to the MRI can have fatal consequences and cause serious injury to the patient or clinician. Significant financial losses can occur if MRI shut-down is required.

Teslaspy - Make the Magnetic field Visible

The integrated gaussmeter, TeslaSpy, continuously monitors the magnetic field and gives you an audible and visual signal if you are getting too close. For maximum safety and ease of use, TeslaSpy continues monitoring even when the ventilator is not in use.

The HAMILTON-MR1 ventilators now offer the option of an integrated high flow oxygen therapy mode for all patient populations.* In just a few steps, you can switch between invasive or noninvasive ventilation and high flow oxygen therapy without changing the device or even the breathing circuit. You just need to change the ventilator mode and the patient interface. In combination with the HAMILTON-H900 humidifier, the HAMILTON-C1/T1/MR1 ventilators provide heated and humidified gas mixtures with flow rates from 2 – 80 l/min for adult/pediatric patients and 2 – 12 l/min for neonates. Compared with conventional oxygen therapy or noninvasive ventilation, the use of high flow oxygen therapy has been shown to reduce the need for intubation1), and lower the risk of reintubation within 72 hours.

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