The M2 Tango is fully compatible with the Norav wireless Stress ECG 1200W. During stress testing, reliability and accuracy go hand-in-hand. Recording an accurate and reliable BP measurement at the correct intervals during a test can be difficult and stressful for clinicians and lab technicians. That’s why the Tango M2 can be programmed to take an accurate reading at the proper time and initiate readings at the precise moment during each stage, increasing reliability of the measurements. Designed to be used with our Orbit-K Cuff , the Tango M2 utilizes Sun Tech’s proprietary DKA algorithm, which provides exceptional performance in the difficult environment of the stress lab.


  • Automatic BP readings
  • Ausculatory K-sound analysis
  • Hear Korotkoff sounds with the headphones
  • Integrated measurements with your Stress ECG

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