The Oscar2 24 hour Blood Pressure device is a must have in every practice. Affordable, simple to use and excellent logical reporting, this device allows the practitioner to add another important aspect to their process of diagnosis. It uses two AA batteries and a UCB cable to download the readings from the patient onto your PC.
Interchangeable cuffs and predetermined sleep and awake times makes it ideal for every practice. Maximum and minimum blood  pressure thresholds are logically displayed in an easy to read report. Intervals of the readings can also be predetermined. Affordable this is a must have for your busy practice.


  • Predetermined intervals during sleep and awake times of the patient
  • Predetermined sleep and awake times
  • Upload patient information
  • Download test results
  • A4 printouts
  • Maximum and minimum thresholds
  • Comes standard with a pouch and belt and shoulder straps.
  • Two AA batteries
  • USB download cable