With this HS50 ultrasound system Samsung have expanded on elaborating on the HS range to a mid-range level with high level technologies. The Samsung HS50 has efficient tools for professional examinations, with a versatility that provides an outstanding range of obstetric and gynecological capabilities for efficient and effective care. This system’s single crystal transducers and innovative imaging engine it delivers superior imaging. A busy practice needs user-oriented features to manage routine ultrasound exams. Accurate and easy-to-use, HS50's comprehensive features enable greater throughput.

Samsung's straightforward yet powerful tools enable accurate and efficient exams via a simplified workflow. A combination of a comfortable environment and a streamlined user interface, together with design features such as a large LED monitor and touchscreen, enable the clinician to focus on imaging while also reducing the stress of operating the HS50.


  • 5D NT™
  • 5D Follicle™
  • Realistic Vue™
  • Hello Mom™
  • S-VisionTM imaging engine
  • S-Vue™ transducers
  • ClearVision
  • S-Harmonic™
  • ElastoScan™
  • Auto IMT+™
  • NeedleMate™
  • Quick Preset
  • EZ-Exam+™
  • Advanced QuickScan
  • EZ-Compare™
  • Measure Navigation
  • Full HD LED monitor
  • Touchscreen
  • Gelwarmer
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Curved array transducers
  • Linear Array transducers
  • Volume transducers
  • Endo-cavity transducer
  • Phased array transducers
  • CW transducers

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