H60 web

The Samsung H60 is the first system manufactured since the influence of Samsung on the Medison range of ultrasound systems.  It is a new generation system with a slender ergonomic look and feel and certainly will prove to be an attractive feature in the furnishings of the ultrasound room.

The H60 has a mid range image quality with the ease of use of the well known Medison brand. Samsung has most certainly ensured that there is versatility to facilitate the adaption for the user from any other system to this one.


  • Ultimate Accuracy
  • Ease of Use
  • Fast and Time Saving
  • Hybrid Imaging Engine
  • SDMR
  • S-Flow
  • 3DXI
  • Beam Steering
  • Quick Scan
  • Fast Booting
  • Slim and Light Weight
  • Mobility
  • Gel Warmer
  • Lift Control Panel
  • Encased Printer, Basket Space

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