The superior image quality of RS80A with Prestige is built upon the successes of Samsung technologies. The S-Vision architecture together with features such as S-Harmonic and HQ Vision delivers diagnostic confidence when diagnosing challenging patients. RS80A with Prestige incorporates the next-generation single-crystal technology. Employing an innovative crystal design, S-Vue transducers provide more efficient piezoelectric properties, resulting in wider bandwidths that enable better penetration and higher quality resolution on even the most challenging of patients.

With advanced technologies like CEUS+ and S-Shearwave, the number of biopsies can be reduced, lesions become visible and examinations are easier to perform.

Samsung's latest technologies, VesselMax and FlowMax, provide a clear visualization of vessels and blood flow for a more informed and confident diagnosis.
S-Shearwave detects the ultrasound speed propagated through the targeted lesion and displays the results in measurement of stiffness Reliable Measurement Index (RMI)*.  S-Shearwave is non-invasive, helping you to measure liver stiffness easily.

Samsung continues pushing the boundaries of ultrasound technology with leading technologies including S-Fusion and S-Tracking for increased accuracy when performing interventional procedures.

There are comprehensive suite of tools which enable advanced cardiovascular diagnosis. Arterial Analysis detects functional changes of vessels, providing measurement values such as the stiffness, intima-media thickness and pulse wave velocity of the common carotid artery (CCA). Since the functional changes occur before morphological changes, this technology supports the early detection of cardiovascular disease.

S-Detect™ for Breast employs scores for standardized analysis and classification of suspicious lesions. It provides the characteristics of displayed lesion and a recommendation on whether the lesion is benign or malignant by adopting advanced detection algorithm. S-Detect™ for Breast can help users perform a breast biopsy with confidence. Such technology assists in a more accurate diagnosis, while reducing the time users spend in repetitive tasks.


  • S-Vue transducer (Single-crystal technology)
  • S-Vision Beamformer
  • S-Vision imaging engine
  • S-Harmonic
  • HQ Vision
  • CEUS+
  • S-Shearwave
  • S-Fusion
  • S-Tracking
  • Respiration Auto
  • NeedleMate™
  • Auto IMT+™
  • Strain+
  • Stress Echo
  • Arterial Analysis (Advanced detection of functional changes of vessels)
  • S-3D Arterial Analysis (Innovative volume measurement of arterial plaque)
  • ElastoScan™
  • E-strain
  • E-Breast™
  • E-Thyroid™
  • S-Detect™
  • S-Detect™ for Thyroid
  • S-Detect™ for Breast
  • Advanced QuickScan™
  • Quick Preset
  • EZ-Exam+™
  • Curved array transducers
  • Linear Array transducers
  • Volume transducers
  • Phased array transducers
  • CW transducers
  • TEE transducers
  • Endo-cavity transducer

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