With its superior pressure and flow characteristics, the VENTILAIR II compressor ensures a constant, clean, dry compressed air supply for medical ventilators. It can be used either as a primary air source or as an automatic backup to a hospital’s central air pipeline system.
The VENTILAIR II compressor may be integrated with the GALILEO, RAPHAEL, AMADEUS FT, or VEOLAR FT ventilator. With a cart, the VENTILAIR II compressor becomes a mobile, standalone device for other medical applications.
VENTILAIR II can be used as a primary air source or as a backup to wall air. An automatic switchover feature provides compressor output to the ventilator without delay when gas pressure falls. The Ventilair II is vailable for use with all HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilators or in a mobile version for general-purpose use.

The VENTILAIR II offers you following features:

  • A quiet high-performance air compressor
  • Dual filtration
  • Advanced drying system Reliable, durable Swiss Quality
  • Delivers dry, clean medical-grade compressed air
  • Optimal cost-performance ratio
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Clear indication of compressor working status

Download: Hamilton VENTILAIR II Medical compressed air