Ambu manufactures several respiratory and life-support devices and neuro diagnostic consumable solutions, as well as an excellent range of medical training aids.

Ambu's company philosophy has always been the desire to make life easier for doctors and to find innovative products that can save lives.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key for Ambu. Always have been, always will be.

Ambu's history

In 1937, the engineer Holger Hesse founds Testa Laboratory, which was later to become Ambu. Hesse develop products that make a difference to patients and doctors.The Sicca Haemometer is the first product that enabled private practitioners measure the amount of haemoglobin in the blood without having to send a blood sample to an external laboratory.

The Ambu bag  

The real breakthrough came in 1956 when the Ambu ventilation bag was introduced to the market. Developed together with anaesthetist Henning Ruben, it was the world’s first self-inflating resuscitator and a major milestone in emergency medical equipment.  

During the sixties and seventies many important products were launched, such as the training manikins, the PEEP valve and the ECG Simulator.  

By the late seventies Testa Laboratory established a global distribution network to strengthen their position on the global medical care and training scene. In 1986, Testa Laboratory changes its name to Ambu International and six years later, a long awaited stock exchange listing officially marked Ambu as an international company.    

At all times, Ambu have continued to build on their important heritage by driving breakthrough ideas forward and turning them into efficient healthcare solutions.

Fields of Excellence


With the innovative development of the first self-inflating resuscitator Ambu forever changed the history of saving lives. Now more than half a century later they remain dedicated to the development of innovative products that help save lives and simplify workflow and the daily life of the anaesthetists to the benefit of the patients.

Within the field of anaesthesia Ambu offers a wide range of products from resuscitators, face masks and laryngeal masks to the highly innovative single use flexible intubation scope. Products that all have their own place in the difficult airway algorithm.

Emergency Care

Ambu consistently focus on developing new devices to improve patient care and make the work of end users easier. In the field of emergency care Ambu offer a broad assortment of products, from resuscitators, suction pumps and CPR barriers to their well-known training manikins and immobilisation devices.

Patient Monitoring & Diagnostics

In 1971, a Danish engineer by the name of Jan Rasmussen recognized the need to obtain reliable traces from biosignals. Since then Ambu have been leading the way in the design and development of high quality single-use electrodes for accurate diagnosis. Ambu offers a complete range of electrodes for different applications to meet all client needs.

SSEM Mthembu Medical is the exclusive distributor for the Ambu range of products in South Africa.