Dr Weigert Product Ranges


The Company was established by Dr. Walter Weigert in 1912 in Germany.

Systematic hygiene – that is the company slogan, which perfectly captures the essence of Dr. Weigert business: they successfully ensure hygiene in many sectors, industries and countries. Safety and trust are particular priorities for them. After all, Dr. Weigert has been impressing its customers with 100% reliability and professionalism from the outset. This applies to their products and system solutions as well as every single one of their employees. Their longstanding business relationships with customers, partners and suppliers show that Dr. Weigert impress with their commitment – at the same time, this is their incentive for them to constantly set new standards.

Dr. Weigert manufactures a wide range of products for Medical, Lab, Pharmaceutical and Kitchen industry use for cleaning and disinfection. Dr. Weigert are based in Germany and the Neodisher detergents have been used in Steelco units since the start of the Steelco range in year 2000 in South Africa.

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