QualiMed Product Ranges

QualiMed Systems is a company committed to designing, manufacturing and supplying the safest and highest quality products and services that exceeds customer expectations. 

QualiMed Systems’ core vision is to provide superior, innovative and cost effective products and services that assure their corporate claim of “QUALIty in MEDicine". The company’s centres its efforts on value creation, superior quality as well as customer feedback. These elements have facilitated growth and assisted the company to gain market share and win the trust of their customers worldwide.

QualiMed Systems’ international presence is expanding at a rapid pace. It already has distributors in over 15 countries including Korea, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa. The company has ISO 9001 2008 Certification and all products have CE mark. The factory is also ANVISA [Brazilian Regulatory Body] approved. 

At present, QualiMed Systems has over 230 installations internationally and nearly 600 installations across India. Geographically, QualiMed Systems has more than 90 installations located in South America, 60 installations in Korea, over 30 installations in Africa and an estimated 40 installations in other Asian countries excluding India.

QualiMed Systems’ main products are Blood Donor Chairs/Therapy Couches for Aphaeresis, Dialysis and Chemotherapy treatments. Its journey in medical electronics has only just begun and the company intends to expand its product range to comprehensively cover a variety of solutions for patient care. 

Product Range:

  • Comfy Couch C101 - Blood Donor Couch designed for the modern blood transfusion
  • Comfy Couch C102 - Blood Donation Couch developed for improving the comfort of the doctor and blood centre staff
  • Comfy Couch D4 - Therapy Couch for Chemotherapy, Apheresis & Dialysis 
  • Comfy Chair C2 & C2F - Phlebotomy Couches/Chairs - these are chairs are utilised at blood donation sites & laboratory collection sites

 Optional Extra: 

  • Special 4 way adjustable arm rest
  • Tray stand for accessories
  • Leg Rest stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel IV Stand interchangeable on both side
  • Stainless Steel IV stand on castors