Sanrai International has partnered with clinical research organisations, research and development as well as regulatory governance bodies to empower medical industry manufacturers to launch products focusing on bettering the lives of patients.

Sanrai’s journey began more than 50 years ago in Chandigarh, India and it offers a unique blend of international launch capabilities to accelerate the introduction of patient-centric innovation into the countries that need them the most. Its mission is to provide business solutions for dynamic and disruptive healthcare technologies to the global healthcare community.

Sanrai International aims to transform healthcare around the world by launching innovative medical technology. It aims to launch new products and manage existing relationships while leveraging its platform for its clients continued success.

Sanrai is passionate about working with leaders who have medical solutions. It pledges to maintain brand integrity while launching products across the globe. It also has an experienced and successful team with unparalleled dedication and passion to deliver results.