Everyday thousands of operations are carried out using thousands of swabs.  Each one of these operations and the swabs used pose a potential threat to not only the patient but to the staff handling them.




The Patient 

  • The patient is at risk of a swab being left inside the surgical cavity

  • Resulting in infection of the surgical wound

  • Can be life threatening


The Surgical Team

The staff who are acting as runners in theatre are potentially at risk from cross infection due to unnecessary handling of dirty swabs

  • At risk from HIV / AIDS

  • Hepatitis A, B, C

  • MRSA, Strep and Staph bacteria

  • Latex allergies from increased wearing of surgical gloves


Soft-Tech Bowls are designed to minimise the risks to staff and patients.

  • Swabs are discarded by the scrub nurse directly into the swab container

  • The container is divided into 5 sections making swab counting easier for the surgical team

  • The lid when applied to a full container contains air borne bacteria from the swabs

  • Swabs can be weighed to calculate accurate blood loss

  • The system is simple to use – may even save theatre time

  • Environmentally friendly degrades down to ash and water when incinerated

  • Enhances health and safety regulations

  • Manufactured locally so available as a cost-effective solution



Product code: MXBSGLB295   

Description: Soft- Tech Gauze Storage Bowl LARGE


Product code:


Description: Soft-Tech Gauze Storage Bowl SMALL


  • Stands/trolleys available for purchase or long term loan for each theatre (linked to minimum 12-month standing order)