Cricothyrotomy is an emergency procedure to avoid death from suffocation due to upper airway obstruction (e.g. glottis oedema, foreign body, larynx carcinoma) when intubation or tracheotomy are impossible.

SSEM Mthembu Medical is the exclusive distributor of the VBM Quicktrach I and II  and Surgicric I,II&III sterile sets. 


  • Sterile sets are pre-assembled and immediately ready for use
  • Specially grinded needle tip makes prior incision with scalpel unnecessary and reduces the risk of bleeding
  • Stopper prevents a too deep insertion and reduces the risk of posterior tracheal perforation
  • Necktape allows a quick and safe fixation
  • Quickest tracheal access via one-step procedure

Quicktrach I  

  • Standard-Set
  • Available size for adults (I.D. 4mm)
  • Available size for children (I.D. 2mm)
  • Available size for infants (I.D. 1.5mm)

Quicktrach II with cuff  

  • Set with cuff
  • Thin cuff seals trachea and allows efficient ventilation with aspiration protection.
  • Stopper and safety clip reduce the risk of posterior tracheal wall injury.
  • Anatomically shaped cannula adjusts to the trachea due to “memory effect”
  • Available for adults (I.D. 4mm)
  • Product code: VB30.10.004.1


Cricothyrotomy set acc. to the scalpel technique

The ScalpelCric from VBM is a surgical set for cricothyrotomy
according to the scalpel technique. The set has been
developed to match the latest recommendations from the
DAS 2015 guidelines*.
Based on the simple description of ‘stab, twist, bougie,
tube’, the ScalpelCric is meant to facilitate the execution of
the scalpel technique

Download ScalpelCric Brochure

Order code VB30.08.447.1



  • Surgical Crichotyrotomy complete sets
  • Three ready-to-use cricothyrotomy sets to secure
    the airway in “cannot-intubate-cannot-ventilate“

ƒƒ Surgicric I – for rapid four-step technique

ƒƒ Surgicric II – for classic surgical technique

ƒƒ Surgicric III – for Seldinger technique.

VB30.08..007.1- Surgicric 1

VB30.08.117.1- Surgicric 11

VB30.08.227.1- Surgicric 111

Download Quicktrach Brochure

Download Quicktrach II Product Sheet

 Download Surgicric Brochure

Frova  Cric Trainer 


Includes 10 skins and 10 tracheys for replacement