Fanem offers the Ampla Total Care 2085 range of infant Warmers, modular in design, offering innovation, versatality and design with the best cost benefit.

These include optional items that allow configurations in the ICU, post-surgery or abay nursery;

  • Three screen options: LED display, monochrome or colour LCD
  • Three options for beds - electric, manual table and acrylic bassinet
  • Bypass drawers for X-rays
  • Three gas panel options with integrated blender, aspiration and resuscitator unit
  • Two options for coupled phototherapy: Bilitron 3006 or reverse phototherapy Bilotron Bed
  • Two options for warmer: radiant warmer - articualte reflector - or thermal mattress
  • Optional transport kit, includes thermal mattress and 2-hour batteries
  • Possibility og coupling Bubble CPAP with the Babypap
  • In-bed scale
  • Pulse oximeter - Oximax
  • Electric height adjustment

Product Offering