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Trackit™ Sleepwalker™

An Ambulatory Sleep recorder for home use that makes no compromises on signal quality or recording flexibility.

The Trackit™ Sleep walker has been designed from the outset to allow lab quality recordings in the patient’s home. The Trackit™ Sleep Walker combines 7 high frequency recording channels (EEG, EOG, EMG, and ECG) with the usual airflow, respiratory effort, Sa02, body position, pulse wave, heart rate, and Periodic Leg Movement to give unparalleled flexibility for all your recording needs.

The Trackit™ Sleep walker is available in two models – with or without internal wireless Bluetooth capability.

An optional extender box is also available called Aux box 2 that provides and extra 3 bipolar polygraphy inputs with 1.5mm touchproof connectors plus a single hi level DC input with a 3.5mm phono socket.

Download: Trackit™ Sleepwalker™