Our product offering for the theatre environment is diverse and extends across multiple disciplines. Included in Theatre Consumables portfolio are the following ranges:

Aside from the products that fall into the above mentioned categories, SSEM Mthembu Medical (Pty) Ltd. includes the below quality ranges as part of our general theatre consumable portfolio:

The locally produced Microtol Plus range uses the latest in nano-technology to enhance its kill spectrum. For more information on this high performance cleaning and disinfection range please review the Microtol Plus page.

Gauze Management System

Everyday thousands of operations are carried out using thousands of swabs.  Each one of these operations and the swabs used pose a potential threat to not only the patient but to the staff handling them. The Soft-Tech gauze and abdominal swab management system is designed to reduce the risks associated with gauze and swab usage in the theatre.

For more information on this range please review the Soft-Tech Gauze Management System page.