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Compact and high performance

The Nihon Kohden TEC 5600 defibrillator series provides fast and reliable defibrillation with ActiBiphasic technology. It is extremely versatile and is suitable for both the hospital environment as well as the ambulance and response car.

Features :

  • AED, Bluetooth data transfer, 3, 6-lead ECG, SpO2, and ETCO2, NIBP *
  • Faster shock and continuous observation
  •  It takes less than 4 seconds to charge 200J with either AC power or a fully charged new battery. After defibrillation, ECG baseline recovers within 3 seconds.
  • Continuous VF analysis 
  • ECG waveform can be analyzed even during CPR and energy charging starts before the shock is advised. This helps you deliver faster defibrillation than ever before. 
  • Biphasic waveform gives more effective defibrillation at lower energy
  • Nihon Kohden's unique ActiBiphasic technology provides more efficient defibrillation than conventional biphasic circuits by maintaining constant second phase pulse width for high impedance patients 
  • Noninvasive pacing (TEC-5631K)
  • High power backlit 6.5-inch color TFT LCD display
  • Nihon Kohden's advanced ec1 arrhythmia analysis
  • Smart Cable technology - plug and play monitoring
  • Onscreen operation guide
  • ECG data transmission through mobile network by Bluetooth
  • Self-test indicator

*  Note: the available functions of the TEC-5600-series models vary. Please contact your sales representatives. 

Download: Brochure TEC 5600 series