H-80 Series High Flow Oxygen therapy unit with built in Humidifier.

BMC's new H-80 Series high-flow oxygen therapy has a highly integrated design to meet more needs of clinical treatment with High Flow Oxygen Therapy. It can be used for patients with spontaneous breathing, including artificial airway respiratory insufficiency, and can be used for patients in hospitals and long-term care institutions.

Key features:

  • Provide 2 l/min to a maximum of 80 l/min air-oxygen mixed gas, oxygen concentration can be set automatically, providing AutoFlow function and SmartFlow function in the H-80AS.
  • Disinfection-free design, Water chamber has a backflow prevention valve to prevent gas backflow, and overall maintenance is more convenient.
  • In high flow mode, flow rate are from 2 l/ min to 80 l/min, which can set the concentration of inhaled O2 automatically.
  • Control target oxygen concentration automatically, oxygen delivery in the machine, 21% -100%, accurate to 1%;
  • Wall oxygen source, oxygen cylinder.
  • The built-in paramagnetic oxygen sensor that requires no maintenance.
  • Advanced dual fan design, two levels of High Flow and Low Flow, 2 l/min to 80 l/min, that can meet patients of most ages.
  • Warm standby function designed for convenient use and saving of oxygen, The H-80 Series has a Warm standby function, which allows you to continue warming the humidifier at any time without turning off the device for short periods to leave, saving oxygen without having to wait for the unit to warm-up again.
  • More comprehensive monitoring indexes and trends for, Real-time monitoring of Oxygen Concentration, Flow, Temperature, and Respiratory Rate.
  • The H-80AS has AutoFlow™ that Automatically sets the output flow parameters based on the peak expiratory flow(PEF) of the patient, simplifying the setting steps, satisfying the treatment effect and improving patient comfort. The SmartFlow® Follows the patient's every breath, switching the flow between breaths, providing a higher flow when inhaling, and a lower flow when exhaling, following the patients every breath like a bi-level ventilator, comfortable and more economical oxygen resources.

Download BMC H-80 brochure

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