hamilton ventilators

We strive to better support your work in critical care.

Each of SSEM Mthembu's mechanical ventilators is equipped with Intelligent Ventilation technologies.

Our accessories and consumables are specially developed for the highest possible patient safety and ease of use. Choose between reusable and disposable parts according to your institutional policies and needs.

Areas of Application

  • Adult and Paediatric Intensive care, Intelligent high-end ventilation for all patient groups
  • Neonatal intensive care, The breath of life to High frequency oscillation and nCPAP
  • Critical care transport, Fully featured ICU ventilators for all kinds of transport
  • MRI, Intelligent ventilation from the ICU to MRI
  • Long-term acute care
  • Humidification

Ventilators by type

    The next generation of intelligent ICU ventilators
    The first Ventilation Autopilot
    The modular high-end ventilation solution
    The compact high-end ventilator
    Minimum size for maximum ICU performance
  • HAMILTON-C1 Neotnatal
    The breath of life
    Intelligent Ventilation for long-term acute care
    Intelligent transport ventilation
  • HAMILTON-T1 Military
    Fully-featured ICU transport ventilator for armed forces
    Intelligent Ventilation from ICU to MRI
  • SLE6000
    SLE’s most versatile infant ventilator, optimised for the smallest of patients , NIV modes, HFOV, VTV, SpO2 , etCO2 and Auto O2 to suit your way of working
  • SLE5000
    Neonatal Ventilator with High Frequency Oscillation
  • SLE4000
    The total solution for conventional infant ventilation

Transport Ventilators

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