With a strong focus on airway management, we include supraglottic devices in our comprehensive consumable portfolio.

We are proud to represent the below innovative, high quality brands in our supraglottic device range.

Within the field of airway management and anaesthesia, Ambu offers a wide range of products from resuscitators, face masks and laryngeal masks to the highly innovative single use flexible intubation scope. Products that all have their own place in the difficult airway algorithm.

Included in our supraglottic airway portfolio:

 Aura Range

Since 1981 VBM develops and manufactures high quality medical products. Two of their main areas of focus are Anaesthesia/Critical Care and Emergency/Difficult Airway management.

Included in our supraglottic airway portfolio:


intubating Laryngeal Tube –
VBM´s 3rd generation supraglottic airway device

Ventilation – wide airway section to optimise gas flow
and low pressure cuffs to maximise sealing performance
Drain Tube – gastric access to permit the passage of a
large gastric tube
Intubation – special design of ventilation lumen to enable
fiberoptic insertion of an ET Tube
Only two sizes match all patients ≥ 125 cm. Usage and
indications rely on the broad experience gathered with the
standard Laryngeal Tube.

For more information on the supraglottic ranges, please refer to the individual product pages.