A device for the effective drainage of air, blood or fluids from the pleural space to maintain intrapleural pressure. Our Soft-Tech Underwater Chest Drain is a good quality, cost-effective solution for any unit.

Final Soft -Tech product manufactured and assembled by SSEM Mthembu Medical’s manufacturing division, SEMBU.

 Product features

  • 2L crystal clear PET bottle

  • Leak proof bottle

  • Easy to hold carry handle

  • Non-leak cap lock

  • Silicone replacement tube for easy milking

  • Rigid tube for extraction

  • Non-kink protector to prevent blockage

  • Slide clamp for easy grip and milking

  • Bold clear indicator strip for reference


  • Environmentally friendly 

  • PVC free version available

  • ETO sterilized

 Product Codes

RTTHV.CD.PVC - Soft-Tech UWCD PVC Tubing           
RTTHV.CD.SRT - Soft-Tech UWCD SRT Tubing            

 Download Soft-Tech Underwater Chest drain