A major innovation of the HAMILTON-H900 is that it comprises only two components: The humidifier base and the pre-assembled wall-heated breathing set, including all-in-one connectors, temperature probe,water refill tube, Y-piece, and water chamber. The unique combination of having all connections on a humidifier in one single breathing set provides the highest level of ergonomics. Due to the ergonomic design, the user interface can be easily seen and operated from a standing position, and provides all the information you need at a glance.

Over the lifetime of a humidifier, the initial investments are relatively small. Cost-driving factors are circuits, cables, and temperature probes. With the HAMILTON-H900, expensive replacements for lost or broken temperature probes and cables are a thing of the past. Due to reduced risk of cross contamination, a long life span and high-quality materials, the HAMILTON-H900 single-use breathing set can be used for up to four weeks on a patient.


Product Offering