Video Laryngoscopes

The highly portable King Vision combines the convenience of a durable reusable, video display with a disposable blade at a price that’s affordable for all of your intubations, difficult and routine.

For more information on the King Vision range please view the individual product page: King Vision

Video Bronchoscopy

The ideal solution for a wide range of bronchoscopy procedures

  • High Quality view aScope 4 Broncho connects to the Ambu® aView™, our portable, high-resolution monitor that is operational in seconds and intuitive to use.
  • Smooth navigation
  • High bending angles and precise tip motion makes navigation easy
  • Based on your ideas and requirements engineers at Ambu have continued to refine the performance of the world’s first fully disposable bronchoscope platform.
  • Now - say hello to the Ambu® aScope™ 4 BronchoA new single-use, high quality bronchoscope and ourlatest proof of ideas that work for life.
  • The aScope 4Broncho is always available when you need it and sterile straight from the pack, offering improved patient safety and workflow.
  • It is designed specifically for bronchoscopy and the ideal solution for a wide range of procedures.

It comes in three sizes in one system at no additional cost.

  1. aScope 4 Broncho Slim 3.8/1.2Bending: 180/180
  2. aScope 4 Broncho Regular 5.0/2.2Bending: 180/180
  3. aScope 4 Broncho Large 5.8/2.8Bending: 180/160

For more information on the A Scope range please view the individual product page:
Ambu A scope Monitor and Scopes