Nihon Kohden provides a wide range of patient monitors, from non-invasive models with basic functionality to modular high-end devices. These can be used in all application areas where adequate patient monitoring is required.

Nihon Kohden’s Life Scope patient monitors have been designed for maximum versatility to ensure ideal patient monitoring. Intelligent alarm functions, plug-and-play modules and flexible network integration are among the many features that enable convenient patient monitoring.


Nihon Kohden is redefining quality of care with new, non-invasive technologies like PWTT and esCCO™ by introducing volumetric information to all care levels. The pulse wave can provide time related information such as intravascular pressure transmission as well as information on the volume change of arterial blood. Estimated Continuous Cardiac Output (esCCO™) is a new technology to determine the cardiac output using Pulse Wave Transit Time (PWTT) which is obtained by the pulse oximetry and ECG-signals from each cycle of the ECG and peripheral pulse wave. esCCO™ provides real-time, continuous and non-invasive cardiac output measurement alongside the familiar vital sign parameters of ECG and SpO2.

Modular Patient Monitors

BSM 6000 and CSM1500/1700 patient monitors provide maximum flexibility and ensure ideal patient monitoring. Smart modules with plug-and-play functionality that can be used out of the box enable simple and reliable patient monitoring. In addition, Nihon Kohden provides sophisticated transport monitoring with their BSM1763 module enabling a seamless transfer of data throughout the hospital.

Preconfigured Patient Monitors

Nihon Kohden’s preconfigured SVM range provide a truly economical solution without compromising on quality, while smart ports provide greater flexibility to Nihon Kohden’s Vismo and Venus ranges.

Single-Parameter Monitors

Nihon Kohden’s single-parameter monitors provide basic pulse oximetry and capnographic monitoring. Most of these monitors are equipped with a display and serial interface, allowing both real-time and trend data display and storage.
As the original inventors of pulsatile light variation method in measuring arterial oxygen saturation, Nihon Kohden continue to manufacture state-of-the-art pulsoximetric equipment for every area of application. Their innovative mainstream CO2 sensors combine high-accuracy measurement with ideal handling.

Central Monitors

Nihon Kohden Central Monitors ensure efficient and flexible patient monitoring. You can connect any Life Scope monitor to the Life Scope network, or send data via transmitter to your central station or digital central telemetry monitor. The HL7-Gateway gives you the option of transferring bedside monitor data for archiving via LS-Datalog or for real-time observation on a PC outside the Life Scope network via NetKonnect and Vitrac.

Network Solutions

Nihon Kohden has an extensive range of network solutions for applications ranging from the simple transfer of basic vital functions to complex monitoring system installations. Products from other disciplines can be integrated into one network solution.