SSEM Mthembu Medical has significantly expanded our Access portfolio

The inclusion of Access Sets has enhanced our offerings for Interventional Radiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Vascular clients.

The Mini-stick range includes Coaxial Microintroducer Kit and Triaxial Non-Vascular Introducer kit from Angiodynamics is designed for less traumatic and more efficient vascular access entry.


Mini Stick MAX


Introducing the latest addition to the family of peripheral vascular access kits. Designed with innovation in mind, the Mini Stick MAX 0.018” Coaxial Micro-introducer Kits feature an enhanced range of components to meet your changing access needs.

  • 4 cm and 7 cm needle length options
  • Translucent hub enables visualization of flash back.
  • Sheath size identifiers are colour coded.
  • Containment Clip designed to keep all components together in a sterile field.
  • Three different configurations available: Stainless tungsten, Nitinol tungsten and Stainless steel
  • 10 cm and 15 cm sheath dilator option


Mini Stick ENVI (Non-vascular)

Speed. Visibility. Choice

As part of the Mini Stick* family, Mini Stick ENVI* incorporates proven features with the latest technology, optimized for non-vascular access.

The Mini Stick ENVI Non-Vascular Introducer Kit is utilized to facilitate the introduction and placement of an 0.035 in (0.89 mm) or 0.038 in (0.97 mm) diameter guidewire for non-vascular procedures.

  • Sheath/Dilator/Stiffener - Proprietary triaxial design with hydrophilic coated sheath.
    o 6Fr and 20cm
  • Access Needle: 18G or 21G, 15 cm length*, Chiba or Trocar, depth markings, black bevel indicator
  • 0.018” Access Wire: Nitinol/Tungsten (65 cm)
  • Angiographic Wire (PTFE): 1.5 mm J Rosen Wire, 0.035” or 0.038”, 80 cm or 150 cm


Angiographic Introducer Needles

Our single-wall, hollow-core needle range ensures smooth guidewire insertion, available with or without a hub. Designed for single use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, its hollow polycarbonate construction facilitates easy guidewire insertion and needle removal. The unique hub design offers an ergonomic feel and a reference point for bevel orientation. Extra sharp for easier entry into tissue and vessel walls.

  • Size:18G and 21G
  • Lengths: 4cm and 7cm

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