SSEM Mthembu offer a range of cleaning chemicals and detergents for surface cleaning and use in automated units, like washer disinfectors, Ultrasonic washers and many others.

The range from Dr. Weigert includes detergents and sprays for cleaning and disinfection.

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Saftey data sheets available for download

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Steelco now offer a full range of detergents for use in their automated units. Including use in Bedpan Washers, Instrument washers and their new revolutionary Steelcoxide for use in Endoscopic washers.

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Microtol is a pH-neutral, stabilized solution that was developed in South Africa. This patented solution is environmentally friendly, and biodegrades within 72hours. 

The importance of this product lies in the fact that, the chemical functional group, aldehyde is most widely recognized around the world for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and spores.

With the development of Microtol, you now have the most effective chemical in the world for killing these micro-organisms and it is user-friendly! There is no special chemical-breathing apparatus or clothing requirement when handling Microtol.

Microtol is as chemically inert as water. Unlike chlorine and peroxide based sanitizers, Microtol is non-corrosive. The more Microtol you use, the greater your protection. Now you can remove the organisms that cause illness in humans, safely and effectively, without costly downtime. 

The easy-to-use nature of Microtol products means that no specialised training is required for staff that will be using the product on a daily basis. (This is not to say that the correct infection control practices should not be followed). 

The concentrated solutions are simply diluted prior to use, whenever and wherever required. The products operate optimally at room temperature. (This saves users the cost of heating the solution prior to use…as is the case with many disinfectants available.)

There is no known microbial resistance to Microtol. This is extremely important for the containment of drug-resistant super-bugs.

The Microtol active ingredient is available in two ranges; namely Microtol+ and Solene. Microtol+ is a range which has been created solely for the medical and pharmaceutical industries; while Solene is better suited for household and general disinfection requirements.

Microtol is manufactured by Bawoma Chemicals, who have SANAS approved laboratories for performing chemical and micro biology quality control.

Microtol is:

  • a patented, surfactant-modified nano-zinc biocide
  • a near-neutral pH solution, so there is no irritation. (Corrosion and fumes are not a problem.) 
  • ready for dilution with water
  • > 90% biodegradable within 72hours
  • registered with the SABS as a detergent disinfectant in terms of the compulsory registration of disinfectants and detergent disinfectants, government gazette 1999 of 14 May 1999.
  • registered with the SABS as a disinfectant/cleaner for general cleaning and disinfecting for the food and industrial use. (SABS 1828, 1853, 1615 & 1616)
  • registered with the SABS for hand soap, hand rub ( alcohol) per SABS 1221 type I and III

The efficacy of this patented biocide is enhanced by the unique combination of the following four actives:    

  • a wetting agent to guarantee penetration of micro-organisms (non-ionic and medically approved) 
  • nano- zinc particles - the anti-microbial efficacy of zinc oxide is already well accepted in pharmaceuticals, creams, and lotions. The fact that the zinc particles are milled into nano-meter size allows for much greater uniformity in solution and has greater ionic efficacy (Nano-zinc has greater, more powerful efficacy against microbes than normal zinc)
  • a very low concentration of a patented stabilized aldehyde solution
  • a polymer is added for longevity and has been tested for its residual effect (EU compliant)

Some of the advantages of Microtol include it being:

  • fungicidal (including Aspergillus niger)
  • bactericidal (including Salmonella, Haemophillus spp., Clostridium spp.)
  • virucidal (including HIV, herpes, mastadeno)
  • sporicidal (including clostridium sporogenes)
  • very effective against slimes and moulds  
  • stable for a minimum of 1 year
  • non-corrosive to metals, plastics or skin. (No more so than water!)
  • available in concentrated quantities, allowing for easy dilution with water
  • effective against solid, organic waste

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