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In addition to blood bag production, JMS manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of blood banking equipment. All the equipment has CE certification .

The equipment is designed to be utilized in the blood collection centre as well as the blood component processing laboratory. The equipment is of a high quality standard and able to produce consistent and repeatable blood collection & processing procedures.

Product range:

  • HemoPress Automated Blood Processor/Separator
  • Hemoscale Blood Collection Scale and Mixer 9 Model AB & ABE
  • JMS Platelet Incubator
  • JMS  Platelet Agitator (sizes 24, 48, 96, 192 & 288 units)
  • Hemoscale Portable HS-21 Tube Sealer
  • JMS Tube Stripper/Sealer
  • JMS Manual Plasma Extractor


Download: JMS Blood Management Brochure

Conroy develop & manufacture medical equipment primarily for use in field of transfusion medicine. QSeal  Tube Sealer Models cover sealing needs from heavy duty requirements in the laboratory to light weight models for all types of donation sites.

  • Blood Donation Centre/Apheresis – QSeal Handy
  • Blood Donation Mobile – QSeal Free
  • Blood Bank & Blood Processing – QSeal Opti


  • All models are robust & constructed with focus on quality
  • Models all contain fully automatic sealing systems for PVC tubes
  • Sophisticated sensing system automatically adapts sealing time
  • Sealing can be performed when donor is still connected to the tubing
  • Models all produce high quality seals with no leakage

Blood Collection Couches and Chairs

Product Range

  • Comfy Couch C101 - Blood Donor Couch - designed for the modern blood transfusion
  • Comfy Couch C102 – Blood Donation Couch - developed for improving the comfort of the doctor and blood centre staff
  • Comfy Couch D4 - Therapy Couch - for chemotherapy, apheresis and dialysis
  • Comfy Chair C2 & C2F - Phlebotomy Couches/Chairs - these are chairs are for use at blood donation sites and laboratory collection sites

Optional Extra:

  • Special 4 way adjustable Arm Rest
  • Tray stand for Accessories
  • Leg Rest Stainless Steel
  • Stainless steel IV Stand interchangeable on both side
  • Stainless Steel IV stand on castors