Giving you the flexibility to deliver treatment quickly and efficiently.

Just when you thought you couldn’t get a better central venous catheter, Kimal introduce the Altius™ range. Central Venous Catheters for the 21st century.

These offer unparalleled flexibility – higher flow rates, with no increase in size or CT capability.

AltiusHP™ is designed to guarantee contrast media delivery at 10ml/sec under 300 psi.

All sets come complete with the new and easier to use Altius® introducer/dispenser for both adult and paediatric guidewires, allowing single handed insertion.

Altius Pro Active+™  latest addition to the Kimal family offering anti microbial protection for the patient with its unique coating, please see below brochure.

Kimal are proud to offer all the way from single lumen to a SEVEN lumen in their CVC Range.

SSEM Mthembu Medical is pleased to announce that we are the exclusive distributors for the Kimal Altius Range of CVC's in South Africa.

Download Altius CVC Brochure

Download Altius Pro Active CVC Brochure

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Download Altius 7 Lumen Brochure