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JMS has been manufacturing blood bags since 1969, giving them over four decades of extensive expertise to meet the challenges to develop medical devices for blood transfusion applications.
This has earned them the respect of customers and patients worldwide, while their commitment to patient safety and healthcare workers remains paramount.

Blood bags manufactured by JMS have a reputation for reliability, superior product quality and assurance.
The JMS blood bag production facility has a manufacture capacity of 30 million blood bags per annum.

JMS Blood Bags are certified under the EN ISO 13485 Quality System ensuring strict quality control at all manufacturing stages delivering the stringent requirements of blood banks and transfusion services providing lifeline services to hospitals, patients and donors.
All products produced by JMS are CE certified.

JMS supplies blood bags in numerous countries worldwide. Each country has its own registration requirements and compliance with all criteria is met in each country. JMS blood bags have been registered with the MCC in South Africa since November 2010.

Download: JMS Blood Management Brochure


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