SSEM Mthembu Medical (Pty) Ltd is a supplier of  Sterilizing Autoclaves from Steelco SpA. Steelco is a leading infection control solution provider. Driven by customer feedback, Steelco develops, manufactures and supplies solutions that maximize infection control safety, optimize processes and minimize costs. Our focus on innovation has led us to become leaders in areas such as automation. Whether you are just wishing to replace a single small machine or assistance in designing and equipping a large central CSSD, Steelco are here to help you make the best decision possible that works for you and then support you every step of the way. Steelco offer a range of Sterilizers from small tabletop units to very large steam sterilizers to low temperature plasma sterilizers.

Steelco offers ECO OPTIONS: on their larger units:

Steelco’s sterilizers are already efficient compared to equivalent competitor models. To assist our customers to conserve water even further, Steelco has introduced ECO water and energy saving packages that can reduce overall water consumption up to 90% depending on chosen options with a 13% reduction in energy. This means that a 1 DIN standard STU container can be reprocessed using as little as 1.5L of water. As part of its environmental water saving policy, Steelco equips all sterilizers as standard with its ECO 1 water saving package. Steelco steam sterilizers can perform standard 134°C instrument cycles in as little as 22 minutes and even larger 18 STU models are capable of 2 cycles per hour.

Standard compliant

Steelco steam sterilizers VS Series are designed and constructed to comply with the latest guidelines:
93/42/EEC and its revised version, 97/23/EC, SELO Certification, EN 285, EN ISO 14971, EN ISO 17665-1,
IEC EN 61010-1, IEC EN 61010-2-040, IEC EN 60601-1-6, EN 61326-1.

Steelco sterilizers offer: versatility, safety, high performance, with low cost of ownership and traceability. From the processing of a single STU up to 18 STU per cycle, each model in our range of steam sterilizers combines high productivity with cost efficiency: an effective tool to improve CSSD running costs.

Steelco's Sterilzer range includes:

  • TTA 18 and 23 litres, class B Tabletop versions - steam sterilizers
  • VS 1 TT – tabletop autoclave - steam steriizers
  • VS series – small capacity – 1-3 STU - steam sterilizers
  • VS Series – medium capacity – 4 -12 STU - steam sterilizers
  • VS H series – large capacity – 12- 18 STU - steam sterilizers
  • VS 36 L – Steam disinfection unit with horizontal sliding door - steam sterilizers
  • PL 70 and PL 130 - Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma sterilizers

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