EEG1200 je120a

The definative word in EEG.

Nihon kohden is the world leader in EEG, with system from 32 to 256 channels, from portable, wireless EEG, to long term monitorng and IOM systems, all expandable and upgradeable.

The legacy of Nihon Kohden EEG diagnostics and monitoring continues with the EEG-1200 which combines EEG, long term epilepsy, cEEG ICU monitoring and sleep testing for the most flexible and comprehensive recording system available today.
Nihon Kohden amplifiers have long been regarded for delivering superior signal quality using the highest recording specifications available. Durability, innovation and superior signal processing have defined our amplifier engineering for decades. Our extensive library of amplifiers ranges from a 32-channel 10-20 amplifier to our newest dense array 64- to 256-channel options.
The newest addition to the Nihon Kohden family is the JE-120 256-channel amplifier. Sampling rates from 200Hz to 10,000Hz along with superior engineering provide the highest quality signal processing on the market today. Connecting to the JE-120 through the LAN converter, a secondary data stream can be controlled by a local or network research station and sent to a separate file storage location.
Flexibility of use, superior data quality, patient-centric design, ease of installation, unparalleled research features, all backed by a professional response team – that is Nihon Kohden

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Lifelines offers ambulatory EEG systems, offer excellent value and upgrade solutions, quality designed and produced in the United Kindom.