SSEM Mthembu Medical is the exclusive distributor for the JMS and Polymed Scalp Vein Infusion Sets also referred to a wing sets, in South Africa. 

Product features: 

  • Super-thin-wall needle provides a larger inner diameter that enables sufficient flow and smooth infusion

  • Perfect geometry of needle profile that is individually siliconised for sharpness and painless venipuncture

  • Unique wing design for easy gripping and fixing on patients arm. Non-slippage design allowa safe and secure venipuncture

  • Optimal softness of luer connectors offers firm connection with luer adaptor, 3-way stopcocks, syringes, etc.

  • Soft, clear, flexible tubing made of medical grade PVC. Kink resistant for smooth infusion

  • Fully automated assembly ensures consistency and reliability of connection

  • Individually blister packed

  • Internationally recognised colour coding for easy size identification 


Continuous Wing Sets

  • 30cm extension line

  • Secure stopper style connector

  • Latex free

  • ETO sterilised

  • Available in boxes of 50 or 100 units

19G  Continuous wing set   MXVA200647

21G  Continuous wing set   MXVA200648

23G  Continuous wing set   MXVA200649

25G Continuous wing set   MXVA200650


Intermittent Wing Sets

  • 9cm extension line

  • Injection port connector

  • Latex free

  • ETO sterilised

  • Available in boxes of 50 or 100 units

19G  Intermittent wing set   MXVA200651

21G  Intermittent wing set   MXVA200652

23G  Intermittent wing set   MXVA200653

25G  Intermittent wing set   MXVA200654


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