SSEM Mthembu Medical's refrigerators and freezers are designed for the storage of drugs and vaccines under controlled conditions in hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, doctors' rooms and general use. Our medical freezers and refrigerators offer superb performance, low maintenance and are reliable for years of hassle-free operation. Our coolers use advanced technology which perfectly blends performance and value to match your needs.

Our Sure Chill® vaccine refridgerators are currently the only WHO-approved in Africa. Our medical freezers and refrigerators offer superior holdover performance. Our vaccine carry boxes are robust and durable and are optimised for safe transport of vaccines and other temperature-sensitive products.

Sure Chill® Technology

Our cold chain range uses an intelligent monitoring system that limits the temperature variation within the cabinet to less than 1˚C, this eradicates the stratification and freezing problems experienced with conventional vaccine refrigerators. Sure Chill® Technology guarantees that ice will never form on the walls of the cabinet and will never need defrosting while kept operational. Conventional vaccine refrigerators must be turned off, emptied and defrosted regularly.

Features and Benefits

  • No freezing of vaccines
  • Exceptional holdover times
  • Reliable performance
  • Solar direct drive model operates even in low light conditions
  • Mains model operates on just a few hours of power supply a day
  • SAHPRA approved

Cold Chain Product Ranges

  • Vaccine, Blood and Organ Carriers
  • Glass (and Solid) Door Refrigerators
  • Medical Freezers
  • Medical Fridge-Freezers Combination
  • Sure Chill® Refrigerators