SSEM Mthembu Medical offer a range of Birthing Consumables. This product porfolio contains varying items from the below suppliers.

Silo Bags


The Bentec pre-formed silicone Silo bag provides a closed environment for containment of exposed intestine. Silo bags are used in the treatment of gastroschisis.

They are suitable for a bedside staged closure or as temporary protection before a traditional theatre closure. A Silo bag can be placed soon after birth without the aid of general anaesthesia.

Bentec Silo Bags have the reinforced Lip to assist

Available in the following sizes:

  • 30mm diameter - BTMGR74089.06
  • 40mm diameter - BTMGR74089.07
  • 50mm diameter - BTMGR74089.01
  • 60mm diameter - BTMGR74089.05
  • 7.5mm diameter - BTMGR74089.02
  • 10mm diameter -  BTMGR74089.03

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Customised draping assemblies are available from our Sembu division for both Caesarean section and natural delivery, accompanied by  a selection of consumables used in both procedures. As with all of our customised procedural solutions, speak to us and we will tailor an offering to suit your needs!

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Amniotic perforator

  • Available in straight and curved versions
  • Hardened tip to prevent shearing off
  • Product code: RTST.AMP

Mucous Extractor

  • Available in 10fg and 6fg sizes
  • Leak proof lid
  • Spare lid included in pack for specimen jar
  • Includes specimen jar label
  • Product codes: RTME.6FG; RTME.10FG

Umbilical cord clamp

  • Available in 2 sizes: standard and large
  • Secure locking device
  • Product code: RTST.UMCC

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