SSEM Mthembu represents the Polymed range of I.V. cannulae in Southern Africa. This high quality, established brand is uniquely designed with multiple features to promote ease of cannulation.

The comprehensive Polymed I.V. cannulae range includes both conventional and safety cannulae in both straight hub and ported configurations in Adva® Technology.

Patented Adva® Technology- allows visualisation of backflow within 2 seconds 

Conventional style I.V. cannulae

  • Polywin Adva - Straight hub I.V. cannulae    

  • Polyflex Adva - Ported I.V. cannulae

  • Available in sizes 14G-26G

Safety I.V. cannulae


  • Polywin Adva Safety– Straight hub Safety I.V. cannulae

  • PolySafety – Ported Safety I.V. cannulae

  • Available in sizes 14G-24G

Features of the Polymed Adva® I.V. cannula

  • Adva Technology allowing visiualisation of vein puncture with seconds of insertion. 

  • Back bevel sharpening of the needle with an atraumatic conical tapered tip.

  • Optimal distance between the catheter tip and needle tip

  • Catheter is optimally tapered to fit the stylet minimising the potential for peelback during insertion

  • Radiopaque for easy visualisation 

  • Optically clear catheter and transparent flashback chamber for easy detection of blood  

  • A removable micro porous hydrophobic filter ensures a reliable seal avoiding risk of contamination

  • High Biocompatibility for an extended vein application (FEP polymer maximum 3 days).

  • Flexibility: Catheter is firm for controlled insertion yet softens when in place for greater flexibility and reduced irritation to the vein.

  • Elasticity: allows a quicker return to the original catheter profile (kink resistant) and re-establishes the normal infusion rate.

  • Smoothness: Reduces catheter related complications such as mechanical phlebitis and thrombophlebitis

  • Flow: thin walled construction to promote increased flow and improved haemofiltration of infused fluid

  • Easily identifiable colour coding

  • Injection Port

    • Colour coded
    • Protective
    • Easy snap cap which ensures a reliable seal avoiding risk of contamination
    • Contains a one-way valve requiring minimal injection force.
    • Presence of valve minimises risk of contamination
  • Safety Mechanism

    • Reduces the incidence of needlestick injury 

    • Requires no change in insertion technique

    • Activates passively (automatically) while extracting the needle 

    • Fully covers the tip of the needle ensuring effective protection 

    • Has no metal parts

 Download Polymed Brochure