SSEM Mthembu Medical (Pty) Ltd. offers customised packing solutions utilising components from suppliers that are world leaders in their field. These tailored offerings allow clinical teams to select the components best suited to how they perform their procedures and thereby saving on costs by reducing wastage.

Below are some of the main benefits to be derived from custom pack solutions:

Advantages of using customised procedure packs

  • Convenience - everything for the procedure that is non patient specific is available for immediate use each and every time
  • Cost - by procuring all components in one pack there is only one associated sterilisation and packaging cost. As we procure our components bulk, non-sterile in very large volumes we are able to reduce costs on most individual items. Our aim is always to offer our procedural packs below the associated cost of procuring all components individually as separate, sterile items.
  • Reduced set up time for procedures - EXAMPLE: set up for an angio case can take 30 minutes in a busy cath lab carrying out 1000 + cases per year the time saved equates to half of a nurse for one  year!
  • Reduced inventory/administration costs - 20-30 items in one pack are covered by one order, one delivery from one supplier and payment of one invoice minimising administration, stock control and unit delivery times.
  • Single sourcing - making a partnership with one supplier enables costs to be reduced further due to the potential for bulk discounts.
  • More time for patient care - due to the reduced set up times nurses have additional time available for other functions, including investing more time to the patient improving the level of care. Alternatively fewer staff may be required to cover the unit. 
  • Reduced handling - the reduced handling from only opening one sterile pack compared to 20 or 30 small pouches reduces the risk for contamination and therefore can minimise the potential for infection and associated costs.
  • Overcomes chaos -particularly in emergency situations, such as late at night or temporary pacemaker insertion where all items for insertion are guaranteed to be available in one pack without any rushing around or improvisation needed due to non availability of products.
  • Less waste - fewer pieces of product packaging means less waste. No unwanted components remain unused at the end of the procedure, eliminating waste of product and hospital or department budget. At SSEM Mthembu Medical (Pty) Ltd. we have a strict policy to ensure every single component in the supplied pack is utilised (and required for each patient) to maximise on these savings.
  • Easier training of constantly changing staff - having the same pack for each procedure makes  the training of constantly changing nursing staff much easier and ensures less errors during set up or during the procedure
  • Availability of product for each procedure - when individual parts are ordered from multiple suppliers the potential for out of stocks becomes far higher. Using procedure packs means you have a guarantee that all parts needed will be available each and every time. As a standard SSEM Mthembu Medical (Pty) Ltd. has 3 months stockholding on shelf for each client. Our shelf stock is replenished monthly to ensure there is always sufficient volume available, even in cases where a clients usage rate may spike significantly.

SSEM Mthembu Medical’s products are manufactured and packed in two Class 100,000 clean rooms and sterilised by ETO sterilisation. The manufacturing facility and clean rooms are maintained and controlled by the strict guidelines, a Quality Management System by adequately addressing all aspects of the ISO 13485 standard and are in the process of moving towards attaining ISO 13485 certification.

Ranges of customised offerings within our portfolio:

  • Draping Systems
  • Customised Fluid Management kits
  • Customised Fluid Management kit and drape packs
  • PTCA inflation device packs
  • Customised speciality packs - Ophthalmic, Caesarean, Circumcision, Delivery and more
  • Separate sterile items