Next-generation wound management system

RedDress ActiGraft® technology revolutionizes the way chronic wounds are treated by recreating the natural wound healing processes of the body.

Actigraft® is an autologous fibrin network embedded with biologically active cells. ActiGraft® uses a patient’s own blood to create a whole blood clot tissue which is applied to the wound.

Features and Benefits

    Delivers a PAR rate of >/= 25% within 3 weeks of use and a 72% complete closure rate in 12 weeks.
    ActiGraft  can reduce wound care spend up to 40%.
    Seamless integration into current chronic wound care treatment practices
    Can be prepared aty the patient’s bedside in up to 12 minutes. Requires no capital equipment
    Fast healing with less wound interaction, increases patient satisfaction scores.
    Provides the wound with an optimal, natural healing environment allowing the healing process to proceed unhindered.

The ActiGraft System provides single-use components needed for the safe and rapid preparation of Whole Blood Clot (WBC) from a small sample of a patient’s own peripheral blood. Each system is packed in an individual box and contains all the components needed to prepare ActiGraft.

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Actigraft® Brochure

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Technical Specs and Video

Case Studies