ComenP6/P3 is an Intelligent temperature control and comprehensive system for HIE treatment management in Neonates and Paediatrics up to 8kgs. Unexpected complications in newborns receiving therapeutic hypothermia can be overwhelming and stressful due to the influence it has on their cardiopulmonary system, which is why, to lighten caregivers’ load, constant monitoring of vital signs is provided to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed.

P3/P6's intelligent closed-loop temperature control system automatically adjusts water temperature based on the monitored patient’s core temp. The monitoring of the patient (both skin and core), water temperature ensures safety throughout the treatment, rewarming and maintenance while also avoiding other complications caused by long-term hypothermia.

Hypothermia Mode comes with an Intelligent Automatic Transition from Cooling-Maintenance treatment to Rewarming when Auto Mode is selected.
Normothermia Mode is also applicable during surgery to help patients maintain stable temperatures, tailored to best meet every surgical situation.


  • Semiconductor Cooling Technology - rapid cooling through the use of a cooling blankets to reach a core body temperature of 33°C to 34°C within 2hours
  • Maintains newborn’s core body temperature at 33.5°C to 34°Cfor 72 hours
  • Rewarming - recovers newborns core body temperature to 37°C at 0.5°C/ 2hours with normothermia maintenance.
  • Safety through Real-Time Monitoring to reduce accidental occurrence of complications
  • The P6’s exceptional Intelligent Gradient Warming System accommodates most clinical settings to provides confidence to the end-user
  • Monitoring module Comen C31 monitors SPO2, NIBP, ECG and Respiration

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