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The Exodus™ Drainage Catheters range from Navilyst Medical offers the physician the performance needed to get the desired results. From tip to hub, Exodus Drainage Catheters boast excellent features.


The range included in our percutaneous drainage portfolio:

  • Multi-purpose drainage catheters, sizes 8Fr - 14fr
  • Nephrostomy drainage catheters, sizes 8Fr - 14fr


Features include:

  • GLYCE™ Hydrophilic coating for ease of advancement while reducing friction and minimising buckling
  • Long tapered tip with smooth tip transition for ease of entry and advancement
  • Catheter Column Strength for enhanced trackability and pushability without buckling through traverse curves and cirrhotic tissue
  • Increased inner lumen size for higher flow rates without occlusions
  • Easy locking hub with audible click
  • External Catheter Markings for more accurate catheter positioning and easy ID of catheter movement
  • Pigtail loop with Tucked-in tip for improved patient comfort

Exodus™ Drainage Catheter Brochure