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AngioDynamics® is known for its long history of catheter and other medical device manufacturing, especially in the catheter and Interventional Radiology fields. AngioDynamics® has developed three different styles of drains, each of which offers features designed to meet specific clinical drainage needs within its category.


Included in our percutaneous drainage portofolio;

  • General Drains with six side holes available in sizes 6,5Fr to 14Fr, with and without Radiopaque markers
  • Biliary Drains eight drainage holes and an additional six side holes on the shaft arranged in a spiral fashion for optimal bile duct drainage. They also feature a radiopaque marker to better identify the placement of the catheter on imaging equipment.Avilable in sizes 8Fr to 14Fr.
  • Nephrostomy Drains with six side holes and a tighter curl at the distal end of the catheter to ensure the drain tip lies completely inside of the pigtail to avoid irritation of the renal pelvis.Available in sizes 6,5Fr to 14Fr in either a 30cm or 45cm length (6,5Fr is only available in a 30cm length option).


Features include:


  • The Vault® locking mechanism securely fixes the pigtail and prevents tampering or accidental removal
  • The Click” provides audible confirmation that the lock is engaged

Physician Performance

  • Kink resistant shaft recovers rapidly, even if severely bent, knotted or twisted
  • Shaft diameter equals the inner diameter of the catheter hub for freer flow and clog-free drainage
  • Thermal molded tip for less buckling and kinking upon insertion
  • Lubricious Blue Silk™ finish provides easier insertion and pushability
  • Aspiration can be accomplished in both the locked and unlocked positions

Patient Comfort

  • Low-profile hub and soft, pliable strain relief provide optimal patient comfort regardless of anatomical access point
  • Soft shaft design for a more comfortable patient fit


Total Abscession® Drainage Catheters